Introducing Emulin® E

Launching In January 2018!

"E" for Everyone

The formula that Dr. Joseph Ahrens has been working for 12 years has just got even better. With additional 4th ingredient – gallic acid – a powerful polyphenol found in Nature the Emulin® formula has got more powerful.

Based on a growing body of scientific evidence, this formula will work faster, better and more importantly, deeper, not only to help your body better manage carbohydrates but also quell the “silent inflammation” linked to it.

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The Benefits of Emulin® E

  • Just one well for ALL... "E" is for Everyone... No more confusion about Emulin® C and Emulin® M
  • Convenient twice daily dosing with 375mg per capsule
  • Friendly fillers (no more magnesium aluminum silicate)
  • High quality plastic bottle (no more breakage or glass chipping)
  • Lighter (easier and cheaper to transport)
Dr. Joseph Ahrens

About Gallic Acid

This polyphenol is found in almost all plants. It is an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Plants that are known for their high gallic acid content include gallnuts, tea, hops, grapes and oak bark.

As it is found everywhere, is totally safe and does not interact with medicines. It is all safe for all groups and in phases of life.

Gallic acid has a very long history of use for human health. Indeed, it has been recorded since the time of Hippocrates. It will work very well in synergy with the 3 components of Emulin®. Try it and see...