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What is Emulin+?

Emulin+ is the world’s first carbohydrate manager. It contains a patented botanical mix called Emulin® that helps your body better manage the large number of refined carbohydrates – starch and sugar that we consume in our diets.

What are refined carbohydrates?

Refined carbohydrates are plant based products – mostly grains like wheat, corn and rice – that have been stripped of their fiber, vitamins and minerals (hence, the term “refined”). Sometimes, they are referred to as “empty calories”.

Why are refined carbohydrates so harmful?

Because they digest quickly and easily, they release a large amount of sugar resulting in a rapid rise in blood sugar level that is harmful to your body, and can result in high cholesterol or chronic inflammation.

What is Emulin®?

Emulin® is a patented blend of chlorogenic acid, myricetin, and quercetin.

Where is it made?

Emulin® is blended and mixed in the United States.

Is it Halal?

This is a combination of 3 plant extracts. It does not contain any alcohol or animal by-products.

Is Emulin® approved by Health Canada?

Yes. It is approved by Health Canada.

Does it contain caffeine?

No. Emulin® does have chlorogenic acid extracted from green coffee but does not contain caffeine.

Who invented Emulin®?

Two Florida based scientists, Dr Joseph Ahrens PhD and Daryl Thompson, discovered Emulin® while working on the metabolic effects of grapefruit. They noticed that the compounds within the ingredients found in Emulin® helped the body better manage blood sugar. They also noticed that tweaking these compounds could also help with weight loss. In fact, they also could make these compounds cross the blood brain barrier and significantly help Alzheimer’s patients. Both Ahrens and Thompson were nominated for the Nobel Prize in January 2015.

Any contraindications?

There are no known contraindications to taking Emulin®. However, persons with known allergies to grapes, green coffee and onions are to avoid it.

What are the scientific studies?

There is a published study that appeared in the Journal of Medicinal Food In March 2013. In that study, Forty human subjects with confirmed type 2 diabetes (10 each in 4 groups: placebo/no medication, Emulin®/no medication, placebo/metformin and Emulin®/metformin) were evaluated. At the end of 1 week, fasting blood glucose, 2 h postprandial, actual peak glucose, and AUC (post-50 g OGTT) were determined. The placebo-only group had a large (5%-13%) increase in all parameters. The Emulin® group and those on metformin performed similarly with reductions between 1% and 5%, with Emulin® slightly outperforming the medication-alone group. The most significant reduction occurred in the Emulin®/metformin group, with decreases in the parameters by up to 20%. These results suggest that, if consumed regularly, could not only have the acute effect of lowering the glycemic impact of foods, but chronically lower background blood glucose levels of type 2 diabetics.

Another study of the effects of Emulin® in weight loss has been completed. The results were positive and are pending publication.

Can Emulin help in relieving psoriasis?

One of the causes of Psoriasis is inflammation. EMULIN would be able to help. However, it is subject to individual body response.

What is Solumeric?

Solumeric is soluble turmeric, well known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is distributed by ALTERNI which is a subsidiary of HOLISTA.

Can Emulin help with the issue of Eye Floaters?

One of the causes of floaters include inflammation in the back of the eye. EMULIN would be able to help to certain extent only.

For extreme cases of Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, Arthritis, and Asthma, what is the recommended daily dosage? Does it differ from less extreme cases?

o Recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day. Based on published clinical studies, some people takes up to 4 capsules a day. No known evidence that taking more capsules helps. Please follow the recommended dosage. No harm for non-diabetic person to take EMULIN Plus C. However, they will notice that their blood sugar will rise.

EMULIN M would help for cases you mentioned like Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, Arthritis and Asthma. However, all individuals respond differently. Recommended dosage – 3 capsules a day.

Is there a difference if you take Emulin before or after a meal?

Due to the effects of Emulin® being natural and long term, when you take the capsules concurrently with your food, it will cut those available calories down by at least a third. That is because it cuts down the absorption of all that sugar in your blood, that is a big part of the benefits of Emulin+. Therefore, they don’t just enter your body and never turn into fat, that is the primary acute part of Emulin+. Take them with carbohydrates and it will cut 33% of the available calorie.

Can Emulin help in the relief of Arthritis?

Emulin M would be able to relieve those suffering from Arthritis. However, all individuals respond differently. Recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day.

If a diabetic begins taking Emulin+C and experiences a spike in blood sugars, should they remain on the product?

Some people will experience a transient increase in blood sugar when they take Emulin Plus C for diabetes. It is important to stay with the dosage. Drink lots of water, and follow a low carb diet. From a traditional viewpoint, this is viewed as a 'sugar detox.'

Does Emulin help adrenal fatigue?

By helping restore the balance of hormone and re-stabilizing metabolism, EMULIN should help with adrenal fatigue. Please note that individual responses differ and the effects may take time to show.

Have individuals with Parkinson’s had success taking Emulin?

There is anecdotal evidence that diseases of inflammation of the brain like Parkinson's can be helped by EMULIN. The brains of Parkinson's sufferers seems to have a metabolic effect that can be helped by the compounds found in EMULIN. Please note that individual responses differ and the effects may take time to show.

Can Emulin assist with an individual who has been diagnosed with pre-Leukemia and is experiencing issues with bone marrow?

Supplements rich is liver and pancreas extracts can help, along with taking foods rich in flavonoids. High blood oxygen also helps. The flavonoid called myreciitn that comes from the skin of the muscadine grape helps, as well which Emulin does contain.

For those with blood type “O” is Emulin harder to regulate?

Blood group O - the oldest blood group on the planet suffer MOST from the modern-day diet of sugar and starches like rice, wheat, corn, and potatoes. However, they recover the FASTEST once they mend their diet.

Is Emulin safe for animal? If so, what is the recommended dosage?

EMULIN is very safe in pets. It is recommended 1 capsule for small animals and 2 - 3 capsules for larger animals.

How does Emulin affect each of the different blood types?

o There are 4 blood groups on earth - O (the oldest when we were all hunter gatherers), B (when we were moving to being fisherman with some hunting and gathering), A (we become mostly farmers) and AB (we were all more into farming).

The older blood groups like O and B suffer most from the modern-day diet of refined carbs - sugar and starches. However, they recover quickly and regain their health when they revert back to the diets that work with their ancient genes. They are prone to be obese, diabetic, hypertensive, gouty and lethargy.

Blood groups A and AB suffer less compared to O and B. However, they too will benefit from removal of starches and sugars.

Can pregnant mothers take it?

Yes, the botanical mix is made up of three natural extracts found in food.

Can breast feeding mothers take it?


Must it be taken before/after food?

Due to the effects of Emulin® being natural and long term, when you take the capsules concurrently with your food, it will cut those available calories down by at least a third. That is because it cuts down the absorption of all that sugar in your blood, that is a big part of the benefits of Emulin+. Therefore, they don’t just enter your body and never turn into fat, that is the primary acute part of Emulin+. Take them with carbohydrates and it will cut 33% of the available calories.

What happens if I take a double dose?

Taking more Emulin® will not cause any harm. Any excess will be eliminated through urine or migrate to the skin’s surface; you can’t take too much.

What happens if I skip a dose?

If you skip a dose, take it immediately. As the effects of Emulin® are longer term and the half life is more than 24 hours, skipping a dose will not cause any major disruption of its effects.

Can it replace my current diabetic medication?

No. However, because Emulin® is a natural supplement, it will allow your current medication to perform better and achieve better short term and long term results.

Can it be taken by elderly?

Yes. Emulin+ can be safely taken by the elderly.

Can it be taken by children?

Yes. Emulin+ can be safely taken by children.

Can it be taken with renal failure?

As it is completely plant based, it can be taken by persons with compromised renal function without any untoward effects.

What is the difference between the C and M version?

Tweaking the combination of chlorogenic acid, myricetin, and quercetin can bring vastly different effects from control of blood sugar and improvement of sugar metabolism. It can even bring about long term sustained weight loss. The Controller (C) version is recommended for individuals with blood sugar issues as the combination is based on trials done with diabetic patients. The Manager (M) version is the rest of us who want to minimize the effects of refined carbohydrates in our bodies.

Are there any study’s with Type 1 Diabetics where they no longer need to inject insulin after taking Emulin?

We have never conducted human studies but animal models suggest the reversal scenario.

If an individual has low blood sugar, should they take Emulin M or Emulin C?

When you have blood sugar issues, whether high or low, please take C.

Can Emulin help the removal poisons other than sugar?

EMULIN helps the body remove excess sugar. This does not apply to other poisons. However, the "sugar and carb" detox can help flush out other toxins.

Does drinking alcoholic beverages, such as red wine affect the effects of Emulin?

Wine is a carb that provide 7 calories (Other carbs provide 4 and fats provide 9). Thus, taking wine especially if in excess will affect EMULIN's health outcomes.

Can Emulin be taken once per day due to its half-life length of 40 hours?

Yes...EMULIN has a long half-life of 40 hours and would work well if taken once or twice a day.

Can Emulin help patients with Multiple Sclerosis? If so, how?

There is an inflammatory link with MS and EMULIN should help. How much will vary with the patient and the state go the disease at that point of time. The dose should be 750mg of EMULIN E.

It works by reducing the inflammation caused by excess and prolonged sugar exposure at the tissue and cellular level. Cutting the carbs will also help reduce some of the inflammation. There have been studies that have linked wheat to MS. Hence, cutting carbs (wheat) should help, too. We have never studied this is MS. We cannot say much except that is safe, will have no ill effect and may help.

Is Serena Williams taking Emulin? Is she endorsing the product?

Serena Williams is on EMULIN and her coach, Mackie Shilstone, openly endorses it in his blog.

What are the ingredients in Emulin?

Emulin is made from 3 flavonoids extracted from food. The first flavonoid is Myricetin which we get by extracting it from dark grapes. The second flavonoid is chlorogenic acid which we get from green, non-roasted coffee beans. There is no caffeine in the resulting product. The third flavonoid is quercetin, which we get from onions. The major difference between “M” and “C” is the amount of quercetin in the final product. “M” has more quercetin.

What product helps for runny nose symptoms?

It is a glutathione precursor and is sold online as ProImmune Formulation 200.

Can Emulin help with someone diagnosed with Klein Levin Syndrome?

There is an inflammatory component to this and EMULIN should help.

For those who have Minimal Change Disease and suffer daily with Edema and frequent migraines, can Emulin be effective?

Minimal Change Disease has an inflammatory component. EMULIN will help. It would work better when taken with high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids with a very low carb diet (zero wheat diet).

Is it safe to take Emulin with medications?

As the components of EMULIN are plant based flavonoids, they would have no problems with medications. However, please speak with your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse.

Can Emulin help with those diagnosed with Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria

The is a medical condition best treated by a doctor and medical support team. EMULIN, as it helps with energy and carb management should help, also with the inflammation that does exist with this condition.

Does Emulin help with depression

Sugar and starch spike blood sugar that can inflame the brain. If this prolonged, chronic brain inflammation results. In some this will manifest as depression. So EMULIN along with a low carb diet can help.

Does Emulin help with those who have Fibromyalgia?

There is inflammation in fibromyalgia. EMULIN with help. It will also help with the energy.