Our Partners

Connecting the right people in the right places, at scale. Through the years, iGalen has built lasting venture partnerships that leverage our core competencies and reinforces the unparalleled quality of our products.

Holista Colltech

The Australian world leader in ovine (sheep) collagen research, development and manufacture. Holista focuses also on food ingredients.


The company is firmly focused on returning the origins of drug discovery by exploring the metabolic and physiological pathways of plants. The company’s breakthrough technology lead to the development of the World’s First Carbohydrate Manager – Emulin®.


Design and develops innovative high quality actives based on profound scientific know how of powerful encapsulation technology that guarantees optimum bioavailability. The Spanish company is a world leader with liposome encapsulation.

Verdure Sciences®

Working with an extensive global network of universities, medical centres and laboratories, the company develops cutting edge products in natural health care. It produces the most advanced form of free curcumin.

Gara Group

Gara Group is a global consulting firm that assists and supports conventional and direct sales companies with their overall infrastructure and operations worldwide.

Global Research & Discovery Group, LLC

Global Research & Discovery Group, LLC aims to be the world’s leading think tank and trouble shooting research organization that can outperform government and university institution by minimizing bureaucracy and maximizing real “on-the-ground” problem solving capabilities.


DevPros is a full-service development company offering web design and audio/video production. Whether your company needs a facelift for your website, or a corporate video, we will work with you to create your next masterpiece!


Riselab delivers all the expertise you need in these key areas: Product Consulting, Marketing Strategy, Compensation System, Operations Planning, and Financial Modeling.

Global Payment Gateway

The GPG Services Platform (“GSP”) is a proprietary payroll processing and delivery gateway system built by a team whose combined 50+ year expertise ranges from the Fortune 50 to banks and many governments. GSP was built to the same standards for security, systems information and accounting as required by such clientele.