At iGalen we strive to not just change the way people think about health but also to change lives.

"This isn't just another weight loss gimmick, it's about bringing your body back to balance; and if losing weight is a by-product then I'm definitely sold!"

iGalen Testimonial

Rina Chong

"I took a 7-day trial of Emulin® E and I absolutely loved it! The three main things I noticed were decreased appetite, not being so drawn towards snacks and sweets, and increased energy; for me, those three things are huge!"

iGalen Testimonial


Jana J. Parksville, BC. Canada Sept 12, 2017 After taking Elumin® E for six months I have lost 4 lbs of unwanted fat, am satisfied with smaller portions of food, and not attracted to carbs like before! My energy is high and balanced, and I have much more focus and clarity. I find that sleeping is much more restful while needing less hours and the digestive issues I've struggled with for most of my life are gone! Rosacea and Hormonal skin issues have disappeared. Scar tissue from a former surgery has dissipated and I have feeling there again! Moles that were once quite raised have reduced and some have entirely disappeared! Hyper pigmentation on my face and the back of hands are faded and gone! Tinnitus, that affected me periodically, has also mysteriously disappeared! I tore my right rotator cuff and was told it would take a year to heal, but I had full usage of my arm in 3 months! I threw my back out and was at a pain level of 10, took a handful of Emulin® E & got down to 0 in 2 days! My NUCCA chiro was astounded! This product is nothing shy of a lifesaver. I am taking Emulin® E daily like an essential vitamin for LIFE! Thank you iGalen!

Mike W. Yakima, WA. USA Sept 15, 2017 I started using Emulin® E on August 15th and have lost 10 lbs (after plateauing for over 2 months), my arthritic pain in both my hands (which I have suffered with for years) is now entirely gone, stiffness that has plagued me (desk work) forever has also left me. I have 30% better range of motion in doing shoulder checks in my truck, my appetite isn't near what it use to be, fewer cravings and I become satisfied with smaller portions at meals now. Finally, I cannot even say how many years I have continually woken up with BOTH of my arms numb, but that is now a thing of the past as well! I am truly amazed at what this product has done for me in such a short period of time!

Jessica B. Bend, OR. USA Sept 14, 2017 My Dr. prescribed Phentermine about 4.5 weeks ago for weight loss. At my 4 week check up I had lost 17 lbs. I received my Emulin® E a few days before my check up and I started to take it along with the Phentermine. I then stopped my prescription and took just the Emulin® E for 3 additional days and noticed that I had no food cravings and lost 3 more lbs (no RX)! I have arthritis in both hands and I have noticed that my hands no longer hurt when I awake each morning plus my sleep is far more restful as well.

Rebecca R. Little Rock, AK. USA Sept 10, 2017 Emulin® E has been nothing short of amazing for me; I suffer from high blood pressure and was an extremely LATE diagnosed type 2 diabetic. As a matter of fact - diagnosed so late I was deemed to be legally blind. After one week on Emulin® E I went to my Dr. for a regular check up and my blood pressure was well within normal range. My Dr. was pleasantly surprised and asked me what I was doing. I showed her Emulin® E and she said "don't stop". I asked for them to check my blood sugar level that same day --- and it TOO was far improved. Two more weeks passed by and I was in for another check up and my Dr. took me off of all prescriptions (for High BP and Diabetes). Today - Emulin® E is what I take and will continue to. I have been taking Emulin® E daily for just 5 weeks.

Lorna W. Yakima, WA. USA Sept 15, 2017 On June 28th, 2017 I woke up with severe pain in my upper torso and head. This discomfort was so intense I drove myself to the hospital that day; resulting in poor range in motion and stiffness for a number of weeks and the ER put me in a neck brace. I also ended up with Trigger Finger (due to excessive typing and texting) and my physician referred me to an Orthopedic Surgeon to arrange corrective surgery. I wore a brace to immobilize my finger (Thumb). Just four weeks ago I began taking Emulin® E daily. To my surprise and great relief my upper torso challenges and pain are gone - completely; I no longer have any stiffness and/or discomfort. Gone! After a week on Emulin® E - I stopped wearing the brace and now - I am able to use my right thumb (and yes - I am right handed) with absolutely NO PAIN and there will be NO INJECTIONS NOR SURGERY. Thank you Emulin® E!

Monica J. Kennewick, WA. USA Sept 15, 2017 Emulin® E Rocks! I am down 5 lbs in two weeks. Since being diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease a year ago it has been a struggle not to gain weight - but, to lose it was darn near impossible. Thank you iGalen!

Terry B. Yakima, WA. USA Sept 16, 2017 Since I started using Emulin® E three times per day (August 25th, 2017) I am eating healthy and have lost my cravings for snacks and now eat at appropriate times daily. My results thus far; more energy, sleeping better, I wake up refreshed, my BP has improved and I am very happy to say that I have lost 13 lbs during this time as well. I was also recently diagnosed with non-alcoholic liver disease - resulting in a very distended stomach - that is noticeably reducing by the day. My husband has lost 10+ lbs so far and his food cravings are far less than before. We are thrilled with the results we are experiencing to date!

Nannette G. Surrey, BC. Canada Sept 16, 2017 I was introduced to iGalen in March of 2017. The "no hype" and credibility of the good Doctors with their focus and commitment to naturally healing our bodies from "within" was most evident and impressive. With MULTIPLE YEARS of research and science to their credit - Emulin® E was impossible to ignore. I had personally lost a significant amount of weight (200 lbs) PRIOR to starting Emulin® E - I hit a major plateau for over a year. I am happy to report I have lost 10 additional pounds since starting Emulin® E, I no longer hit a "WALL of TIRED" around 2pm daily, I sleep far more soundly than I ever have, my arthritic pain in my left hand (have played guitar since I was 11 yrs old) is gone and I no longer require my "half eyes" to read my music and/or PC! Thank you Emulin® E and to iGalen's contributing physicians who continue to work diligently to benefit people around our globe; a GIFT that truly should NOT be ignored. I have never experienced nor witnessed a product help so many people with such significance - so quickly! Truly amazing!

DISCLAIMER: All statements are on behalf of each individual and their personal experiences. Such statements are in no way influenced or claimed by iGalen or by iGalen medical advisors. Emulin ® E and other iGalen products are not intended to treat or cure any illnesses and/or diseases and should not be promoted as such.