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With our flagship formulations, our goal is to continue unveiling products engineered by nature; products we will not just promote but will also personally consume. We stand firmly behind our products and gladly share them with our loved ones because we believe wholeheartedly in what we do and how we do it.

The world’s first carbohydrate manager whose active ingredients help the body overcome the negative effects of carbs in natural and holistic ways.

A revolutionary and powerful anti-aging and skin-repairing solution that keeps you healthy and youthful inside and out.

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"I was introduced to iGalen by a dear friend of mine he knew the struggles I had with my health along with my mother’s health. Like everyone else, before committing to something we do our research and I was quite impressed - not only is it an innovator of nano and biotechnology but the people behind it, both the advisors and their partners are world-class experts - possessing both high integrity and extremely respected in their area of expertise so I am very grateful for the top-notch recommendation by my friend as timing was everything!"

Rina Chong

"I took a 7-day trial of Emulin® E and I absolutely loved it! The three main things I noticed were decreased appetite, not being so drawn towards snacks and sweets, and increased energy; for me, those three things are huge!"


"I've been dealing with massive hair loss for years now, I'm talking by the handfuls, and after just 4 days of taking Klamax® it’s completely stopped! It was so overwhelming that I couldn't help but cry, I can’t thank iGalen enough!"

Nannette L.G.

"I had collapsed while working out on the parallel bars and the pain was so intense I was taken to the ER the following morning. Numerous x-rays resulted in diagnoses of a hairline fracture to a clavicle and neck vertebrae. A full right arm brace was provided and I was informed that 6 to 8 weeks of complete rest was in order for them to heal. At that time, I was completely unable to move my right arm so the next day I began to take double doses of Klamax®. My brother, my doctor, and I were amazed that 5 DAYS LATER I was actually PAIN FREE with full range of motion of 90 degrees over my head without need of the sling! Blessings and gratitude to iGalen!"

Johanne L.

our team

Chan Heng Fai
Chairman and Co-founder
  • Director of Holista Colltech Limited.
  • Skilled at restructuring and financial engineering.
  • Turned around the ailing American Pacific Bank.
  • Sees potential in healthcare nutritional products.
  • Entrepreneur with global footprint.
  • More info at
Rajen Manicka, PhD
CEO and Co-founder
  • Executive Chairman and CEO of Holista Colltech Limited.
  • Pharmacist with Doctorate in Holistic Medicine with specialization in the effects of carbohydrates on metabolism.
  • Founder of Holista Group of Companies.
  • Authored the National Nature Products Blueprint for Malaysia
  • Works in Holistic Medicine and R&D in Nature Products.
  • Former Health Columnist (The Star, The Edge, New Straits Times)
Kosta Gara
Chief Corporate Advisor
  • 3-time Amazon best-selling author & co-author.
  • Worked in direct sales organizations spanning more than 30 countries.
  • Most recent venture in the energy drink market resulted in cumulative sales in excess of $300 million.
  • Featured in Forbes, Inc., CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Grupo Formula, Cronica, and Televisa—the largest broadcasting station in Mexico.