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our story

iGalen is proud to be the global leader in carbohydrate optimization and stem cell boosting technologies. The iGalen Cloud Management System developed and managed by Gara Group’s state of the art platforms has enabled iGalen to become one of the most efficient and lucrative Network Marketing companies in the industry today, while simultaneously operating with one of the lowest corporate overheads. Built on a solid foundation of proven business principles and practices, and backed by two publicly traded companies, iGalen is staged for rapid growth and momentum. iGalen leads the charge for healthy living with its flagship formulas, and the company continues to innovate and unveil new products on an annual basis that are engineered by nature.

Our world is filled with hype. We intend to shoot straight, live up to our commitments, and build relationships of trust based on a single yet profound word: integrity. It is through the lens of integrity that we see our company, our products, our relationships, and their impacts on the world. This is who we are and how we lived our lives before we met each other, long before we set out to create a company of value. We’ve created a company we intend to pass on to future generations in an industry that gives back as much as it gets and impacts the lives of so many in so many different ways.

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